We’re all about giving business owners the time and freedom to focus on what they do best, so they can enjoy what they love most. So it’s not really about us at all. It’s more about you.

Your business is most likely your biggest priority, but it’s not the only one. Between work, family and long term aspirations, a lot of aspects take up your time and attention. As business owners ourselves, we understand these challenges. But we don’t necessarily see them as such, asking instead: What can we do to make things even better?

And that’s not the only question we ask. We like to get under the skin of an organisation — making sure to understand you, the issues you face and your plans for the future.

Sure, we deal with complex financial and highly technical tax issues, taking away the stresses and headache, but these are just the beginnings of a stronger foundation for better things. Our focus has always revolved around helping business owners grow and succeed.

A little bit of background (in case you were wondering).

We’ve always believed clients could benefit more beyond traditional accounting services. Still, very few firms can truly integrate their expertise across a business — at least not in any meaningful way that makes a genuine difference. So that’s precisely what our Founding Director, Simon Thacker, set out to accomplish with Greystone Advisory.

We sought to make things better, combining compliance, operational and strategy. Our goal was to provide clients with everything they needed, and then build on that to help them develop and succeed as a business. And even though our methods, processes and expertise have evolved with time, our principal focus remains largely the same.

Today we are a full-service accountancy firm, frequently operating as the Financial Director for a broad range of clients, helping them to achieve long term success inside and outside of their business.

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